Q: What is my age bracket?

A: Beginning in Fall 2016 the USSF has changed the age determination from School Year (August to July) to Calendar Year ( January to December).  View the chart below for explanation of what division your player would fall into.  Players must turn 4 prior to the 2nd week of the season in order to play.    The divisions in red below are only offered in the Select or Premier teams and not through the recreation league.   If your players birth year falls on one of the red divisions and they are in the recreation league, then they will play the next higher league.  For example, if in the 2016-17 season your player has a birth year as 2008, they would play in the U10 division of the recreation league.

 Spring 2016

 U5 Players born between 8/1/10 - 4/23/12   Size3 Ball

U6 Players born between 8/1/09 - 7/31/10   Size 3Ball

U8 Players born between 8/1/07 - 7/31/09   Size 3Ball

U10 Players born between 8/1/05 - 7/31/07 Size 4Ball

U12 Players born between 8/1/03 - 7/31/05   Size 4Ball

U15 Players born between 8/1/00 - 7/31/03 Size5 Ball


Beginning Fall 2016 


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Q: Can I request to play on my friends team?

A: Players in the recreational league are assigned to teams based on geographic location and playing ability. Because of coach locations and the number of players in an age group not all players can be placed on teams in their neighborhood. 

Unfortunately special requests for team assignments will not be able to be honored for U-8 and up (ages 6 and up). This includes coach and player requests. The only exceptions are siblings of the same sex in the same division can request to be on the same team (Please be sure to indicate on both registration forms that you request siblings be placed together). Requests on registrations for U-8 and up will be honored as possible, but there are no guarantees due to the number of requests and number of players in the divisions.  

In the U5 & U6 division we will try and honor requests, but no guarantees can be made, sometimes it is not possible to honor all requests. In the U5 & U6 division only one request per child can be made, and all requests must be mutually made. If Johnny requests to play with Timmy - Timmy must also indicate on his form that he wants to play with Johnny. If more than one request is on the form this will invalidate the request, if both parties involved do not request each other this will invalidate the request, late registrations with requests on them will not be honored. We start working on teams right after the deadline and late registrations are placed as room allows.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding regarding requests. We are expecting 1000+ players this season and it is nearly impossible to honor requests. The idea behind trying to honor requests in the U6 division is that it may be easier for a 4 year old to commit to play if he can play with a friend.

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Q: How do I register to play soccer for BASA?

A: We run an Online registration process only. Late registrations will be accepted up to the first game if space is available in your child's age group. A late fee for each child will be charged for all late registrations. You will need to contact the league registrar to make arrangements for late registration.

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What is the cost to play soccer for BASA?

A: The current registration fee is $60 for the U5 and U6 divisions, from U8 up the cost is $65. A BASA jersey for $20.00 will also be required. Watch the home page and email for dates that the Jersey and Socks will be available. We use the same jersey each year, so as long as your child's jersey fits you do not need to purchase a new one. See Other Equipment' in this section for additional equipment that is required for playing soccer in the BASA league.

We also have Select and Premier leagues for the players that are looking for a bigger commitment and different level of competition.   The cost for these is $275 for Select and $300 for Premier.   These fees cover both the Fall and Spring seasons. 

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Q: Is financial aid available?

A: A limited amount of financial aid for registration fees and required equipment is available to players that need it. To request financial aid please request a financial aid form during registration or contact a BASA board member to request a financial aid form. Financial aid is available for fees and required equipment only. You will be notified about 1 - 2 weeks before the season starts if your request has been approved. If your request is approved BASA requires one hour of time for each $10.00 of financial aid. This time can be at the concession stand, field setup and tear down or other things as needed.

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Q: What size ball do I need?

A: Soccer balls come in three sizes 3 - 5. U5, U6 and U8 players use a size 3 ball. U10 and U12 players use a size 4 ball. U15 and up use a size 5 ball. It is important that a player have the correct size ball for their age. A size 5 or even a 4 is too big for a young player. They will not be able to control the ball as well or kick it as far. The same holds true for a 8 or 9 year old, they will do much better with the correct size ball. A ball is not required to play soccer for BASA, but it is strongly suggested that each player have their own ball for practice. Many of the drills used by the coaches are individual drills and each player will need their own ball.

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Q: What equipment is needed to play soccer for BASA?

A: Soccer does not require much in the way of equipment. Each player must have a BASA a jersey, a pair of soccer shin guards, soccer socks that cover the shin guards, soccer shorts or pants that do not have snaps or zippers, and shoes. Soccer cleats are not required (tennis shoes can be used) but, it is recommended that the player have soccer cleats. If cleats are purchased be sure that they are soccer cleats, as they are different from baseball cleats. Baseball cleats will not be allowed on the field. No jewelry or zippers are allowed in games or practices.

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Q: When are games scheduled?

A: BASA Recreational games are held on Saturdays and Sundays.  Currently recreational games are not held on weeknights, but it is possible that some games could be scheduled for weeknights. The majority of games will still be held on Saturdays. Games will be scheduled from 9:00am to about 3:00pm Saturdays, 12:00pm to about 4:00pm Sundays, and if necessary from about 5:30pm to 7:00pm weeknights.

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Q: How many games will I play?

A: BASA schedules 8 weeks of play in both the Spring and Fall season.  BASA considers 7 games a full season.  On occasion BASA must cancel some games because of weather.  If we cancel games for one day we will not reschedule games.  If it is necessary to cancel more than one time during a season, we will reschedule games for another date.  Games may be rescheduled for weeknights or Sundays.

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Q: When and where will my practices be?

A: Each coach sets their own practice schedule. The league has no control or knowledge of when any given team holds practice or where the practice is held. Some teams practice at the Middle Grounds, others practice at local schools or parks. The league does impose a maximum of three contacts per week between the coach and the team. This means a team may not have more than two practices per week. Players will not be moved based on when or where a particular team practices. Once a team roster is set players will not be moved. We will try and place players on teams in their local area. This may not be possible in all cases, depending on where the coaches are from and the number of kids in each age group.

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Q: Can I register late?

A: Late registrations are accepted on a first come first placed basis. If your registration is received after the registration deadline you will not be guaranteed a place on a team, and a $20.00 late fee for each player is required to be submitted with the application. Once team sizes and the number of teams have been set no new teams will be added nor will team sizes be changed. Any late registrations that are received once the league is full will be returned.

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Q: Volunteer Requirement?

A: BASA is an all volunteer run organization. In order to continue to run the quality program that you have become accustomed to, we need your help! The BASA board of directors has approved a program where by each member family is required to contribute one (1) hour of time per player to the league. This time can be in many different areas, from concession stand workers, field maintenance, game day setup or take down, coaching, or many other areas. Without your help we will be unable to continue to run the quality program you have become accustomed to without raising our registration fees. If you are unable or unwilling to volunteer you may pay a $25.00 volunteer fee at the time of registration. This fee will help defray the costs if we have to hire jobs done because we can not get people to volunteer for them.

Starting way back with the Spring 2004 season, if you signup for a job and are a 'No Show' you will be billed $35.00 for the missed time. Unfortunately, many people did not show up for their committed time, and this left a large burden on the people that did show up.

In addition to your required time we will gladly accept any other time commitment you can make to the league. It is only through your continued efforts that the Bay Area Soccer Association can continue to grow.

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Q: Does BASA have any paid positions?

 A:  The only paid positions for BASA are for grounds keeping, referees and professional trainers.   Board members and coordinators are not compensated for their volunteer time.  They are also required to pay for their kids to participate in any of the activities, leagues or camps, that the club provides.

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Q: How can I help?

A: BASA needs help in all areas from coaching, field setup and tear down, concession workers , referees and more. BASA depends on parent volunteers to run our program. Without your help we can not operate. We especially need volunteer coaches, field setup, field tear down , and referees. Can you spare a few hours each week, or even once or twice each season to help and be involved with your children?

Can your child only practice on a certain day or at a specific time? Then volunteer to be the coach, you get to pick the day and time of your practices.

We have programs available  to teach anyone that wants to be involved how to do any of the jobs we need done. It really is not as hard as it looks, and it is fun and rewarding, volunteer today! Fill out the volunteer information on the registration form, or contact any BASA director at the concession stand on game day. 

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Q: How are teams made?

A: We receive many questions each season on how teams are made. Below is some general information on team formation.

  • Players are sorted by age division, gender, and local elementary school as marked on the registration form. (Do not depend on us to know what your closest public elementary school is, if you do not mark one, we guess. We can not move players after team rosters are distributed, so it is important that you mark this field on your form).
  • Determine local elementary school location for coaches.
  • Create teams around the coaches, using players from the same elementary school area where possible. (Please note: U5 & U6 players with requests - we will attempt to honor your request but can not guarantee it will be in your school area.)
  • Fill teams with players from areas that do not have enough coaches.
  • Some teams are formed without coaches, we then start phoning people that indicated they would be an assistant coach and other parents to see if they will take the team.
  • Teams are reviewed to try and make sure that the players years of experience on each team is balanced. Some player moves may be necessary to balance teams.
  • Late registrants are added to teams that need players, regardless of school area (Requests will not be honored for late registrants). Some players may not be able to be placed because teams are full. 
  • Teams are built by the coach coordinator and recreation coordinator.    If they are coaches in the league, they get no preferential treatment with player selection and teams.   All teams are put together in the same way regardless of the coach. 

It is important to note, if 100 players want to play in a certain school area, and only 3 people volunteer to coach in that area, a large number of players will be placed on teams in other areas. In the past it has been necessary to place East Side players on Auburn area teams because of this.

Because of larger team sizes, fewer teams, and the need to balance teams in the older age division (generally U12 & U15) these teams are generally created with players from a wider geographic area.

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